Carpet Trends in 2019

Carpet Trends in 2019

With the many different types of floor covering available today, carpet faces some stiff competition in modern homes. With the latest products and designs, however, that’s competition carpet can easily cope with. The days of having the same carpet throughout a home are long gone. Today’s home owners can pick and choose carpets to fit in with lots of other interior styles. And the upside is that nothing beats the feel of carpet beneath your feet. As suppliers of carpet Townsville home owners come to, we’ve identified some upcoming trends for 2019.

Bold Statements

If you choose carpet to go in particular rooms or spaces, rather than a whole floor, you can be bold. Bright or patterned designs can be a bit overwhelming if there’s too much carpet on show. However, in smaller spaces, these can work really well. Especially when used to contrast more muted walls and fixtures, bright and bold carpet designs can make a room work.

Plain carpets in bright colours are becoming popular in 2019. These colours are probably not those people would associate with carpet. Orange or purple, for instance, makes a floor space stand out, especially against monochrome walls. Alternatively, patterns can set off rectangular fixtures such as beds or wardrobes. As long as you choose one to contrast the other, this pleases the eye.

Animal print carpets are becoming very popular, which is something of a comeback. However, this doesn’t mean the tiger or zebra patterns popular in the 1980s. Today’s trending animal patterns are more intricate designs, such as antelope or deer. Modern carpet manufacturing methods make these look extremely realistic.

Natural Textures

Other types of carpet Townsville people are going for include natural and eco-friendly designs. This means the actual materials as well as colour schemes. Sisal is a very popular source of material for modern carpet. These fibres are harvested from a succulent, which is grown in many parts of Africa. As well as providing income, the remains of the plant are used for animal food and electricity generation.

The colour and of these naturally sourced carpets is very calming. They come in neutral tones, a kind of very light brown and grey mixture. These carpets are the perfect backdrop for brighter rugs and other floor coverings. The whole feel of rooms which use these carpets is stress free. There is also the comfort of knowing that the materials are biodegradable.

These natural carpets are also a good way to start thinking about textures. Two very popular carpet textures for 2019 are cut-and-loop, and frieze. Cut and loop can be made into various heights, giving interesting contrasts and feels. Frieze, meanwhile, is a modern, low-maintenance version of shag carpet.

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