Four Flooring Tips for Rental Properties

Four Flooring Tips for Rental Properties

Choosing the right flooring when you’re renovating a rental property can be tough. It’s important to strike a balance between something that’s hard-wearing and functional, but still looks appealing and doesn’t break the bank. Read on for four handy tips for making the best flooring choices for a rental home.

What’s Your Budget?

With so many options available, it’s important not to get carried away – you probably have a strict budget. Be clear about what you can spend and choose accordingly.

A rental grade carpet installed on underlay is always the cheapest option, although many landlords are now considering using vinyl planks throughout the majority of the home.

Whatever type of flooring you prefer, it can be achieved in a cost-effective way. Carpet tiles are less expensive than traditional carpeting because you don’t need underlay or adhesives. Stained or damaged sections are also easily replaced – another benefit for a rental property. Similarly, vinyl flooring, whether as a roll, planks, or tiles, can be a low-cost way of recreating a timber look.

What’s the Colour Palette?

One obvious thing to look out for is colour. Whatever material you go for, your flooring needs to complement the rest of the room. For rentals, neutral tones in darker colours are popular as they will help to hide marks. They work with any décor and let tenants more easily make the property feel like their own.

Products such as vinyl planks can resemble various wood finishes. This achieves a natural flooring look to suit any type of home. Alternatively, vinyl flooring can be supplied in many exciting colours for unique and bold décor.

How durable should it be?

Some rental properties experience heavy footfall. If this is the case, you may want to consider heavy-duty options that resist wear and tear. Commercial carpet has the added benefit of being easy to maintain with vacuuming alone, and is available in rolls, planks, and tiles.

It is important though that any type of carpet is steam cleaned at the very least every 18 months – 2 years.

In parts of the home like the kitchen and bathroom, vinyl flooring that’s resistant to water might be the most durable choice. The versatile designs that vinyl flooring is available in means that it can be used to create almost any look.

Is it low maintenance?

Whilst all flooring requires some upkeep, the floorings in a rental property should ideally be fairly low maintenance. This way they will stay looking great when the property is full of people as well as in between tenants.

Vinyl flooring is also great for keeping maintenance down. Vinyl can mimic the look of solid timber flooring but requires much less care and is easy to clean. This is particularly helpful for areas like kitchens.

Deciding on the best flooring for a rental can really be a challenge. If you keep cost, looks, durability, and maintenance in mind it will be much easier to make your decision.

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