Replacing Your Flood Damaged Carpet

Replacing Your Flood Damaged Carpet

We are no strangers to floods in this state, but NQ has been hit especially hard this year as homeowners were caught unaware.

For many it was a last-minute scramble to safety.

Luckily, most of us emerged unharmed, but it’s household contents and carpet that Townsville homeowners will have to work towards replacing.

This most recent natural disaster has been described as a “one-in-500-year” event.

Townsville received more than a metre of rain in a week leading to widespread evacuations.

Worse still, this city’s surrounding areas experienced twice that level of rainfall.

The Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) declared the storms a catastrophe, in the hope it escalates our insurance industry’s response.

ICA figures are that current loses stand at a staggering $80 million from 6 500 claims.

It is no carpet ride

Arriving back to see the extent of destruction your home has suffered isn’t easy.

Now it’s all about picking up the pieces after the initial mop up.

One of the worst hit of your home’s fixtures will be the carpeting.

From our experience, it is new carpet Townsville victims of the disaster are going to need.

Don’t despair because this is where we at The Carpet Place come to the rescue.

The nitty-gritty 

If the floodwater has been left for more than 24 hours don’t think of a DIY job.

Replacement is going to be the only option.

There are three types of floodwater: clean, grey and black.

Clean water becomes greywater if the damaged items such as your carpets have been left for longer than a day.

This swiftly escalates to black water, posing a high health risk to you and your family.

It could well be that after initial evacuation you haven’t been back to your home for a while.

Professionals can only deal with black water damage and should not be tried at home.

Exposure to this can lead to infections and respiratory problems.

On the bright side

Consider replacing your damaged carpets as an “inevitable makeover”.

If you’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but haven’t found the time or haven’t had the budget, then this is an ideal opportunity to give your interior its long-overdue sparkle.

Chances are you’ve tried not to look down for too long because what’s underfoot deserves to be booted out.

On the range

Our extensive range of carpets includes renowned brands such as Dunlop, Feltex, Redbook and Signature.

The good news is that our qualified consultants will be right on the case of your carpet catastrophe.

They will help with choosing something that best suits your needs. As well as organising our competent carpet crew to rip up and remove the damaged carpets and install the new selection.

We have a wide range of carpets Townsville homes that have been flood damaged can benefit from.

Visit our website or call us on: (07) 4775 2522.

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