The Many Benefits of Having Timber Flooring

The Many Benefits of Having Timber Flooring

As a beautiful natural resource, wood has been used in homes for centuries when humans took shelter from the elements.

It looks fabulous, feels natural and, if it is cared for properly, it will provide many years of use. Another great aspect of real wood is that it often looks even better as it naturally ages in your home.

One of the other great things about having timber flooring in Townsville homes is you get to take advantage of the great flooring services here at The Carpet Place NQ.

The team at The Carpet Place NQ has compiled a list of what to watch out for when considering installing timber floors in your North Queensland home.

Hardwearing and highly durable

Incredible as it sounds; good quality timber flooring in Townsville can last up to a staggering 100 years.

While carpet, which continually traps dirt and moisture is only likely to last 15 years or less, depending on how much traffic passes over it.

Easy to clean and maintain

Unlike carpet, which holds unseen particles of dirt and other debris, a real timber floor is easy to clean and needs very little maintenance.

Through the use of soft moping, brushing, and gentle vacuuming, wooden floors can be maintained and kept looking beautiful.

Wood can be protected from scuffs and scratchers by fitting felt pads to the feet of your furniture and rugs or mats will provide further protection.

Environmentally friendly

Being a natural material, timber is good news to anyone who suffers from allergies as it doesn’t hold the dust or release fibre particles like carpet.

Choosing from a wide range of quality timber floors

If you are looking for a great selection of timber flooring in Townsville, you don’t have to look any further than the friendly team here at The Carpet Place NQ.

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