Tips to Prepare for A Carpet Replacement

Tips to Prepare for A Carpet Replacement

Would you like new carpet for your home? Call the team at The Carpet Place NQ to organize a free measure and quote. We can install new carpet in Townsville and the surrounding areas.

Once the sale has been finalized there are things you can do to get ready and prepare for it to arrive. By making sure that you have done your best to prepare the room for your carpet, ensures a more efficient installation.

Here are some tips to help you prepare now.

Quotation process

By sending out our estimators to take measurements of your room, they can decide how best to make use of the carpet to minimize waste and make sure any joins are in the best position. They may also make note of particularly difficult areas of the room which require particular attention, so that it is clear where the problems lie.

Talk to your salesperson

Before your carpets are delivered, it is important that you should talk to your salesperson to clarify what type of things they will be responsible for, and what you need to do before the installers come to your home.

For example, our team will need to have electricity to operate the tools they will need to fit the carpet precisely

Clear the room of furniture and all other items

Unless you have requested your furniture to be moved which incurs an additional charge, you need have the room clear of absolutely everything, so that the new carpet can be installed. If you have paid for the installers to move the furniture in the room, make sure you take out smaller pieces and any personal items before they arrive.

Take out breakables and valuables to make sure that the space is completely clear.

Clean the floor

If you have decided to remove the old carpet yourself, it is always a good idea to give the floor a clean using a vacuum before the installers arrive. This will help to remove dust and debris left behind from the old carpet and underlay

Ask us for more advice

If you want to know more about how to prepare for your replacement carpet in Townsville, or the surrounding areas, speak to the expert team at The Carpet Place NQ.

We can offer you help and advice about making sure your rooms are in good condition before our installers arrive, so for any queries, contact us online today or give us a call on 07 477 52522

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