Vinyl Flooring Types to Choose From

Vinyl Flooring Types to Choose From

Vinyl can be the ideal flooring solution for homes and businesses. Sheet vinyl started replacing the old “lino in the late 50’s and has been developed to make a comfortable, long lasting and stylish floor covering.

Textures and colour choices are abundant to compliment the look of your home. As suppliers of vinyl flooring in Townsville for home and business owners, we offer a full range of great vinyl options.

Home Comforts of Sheet Vinyl

Home owners love vinyl flooring for a lot of reasons. It is excellent value for money, easy to keep clean, and most importantly it looks great.

Whatever type of family you’re part of, vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes. This is especially true for homes which prefer the look of natural materials such as stone and wood.

Vinyl comes in colours and textures which match these looks, but has other advantages.

The most common type of vinyl flooring for homes has often been vinyl sheet flooring meaning you purchase it by the metre from a roll.

As with all vinyl flooring they are water resistant, making them ideal for kitchens and wet areas with surfaces and textures to suit any space in your home.

If you like a complete, uniform interior space, vinyl sheet flooring could be just what you’re looking for.

For business owners, commercial sheet vinyl flooring is often a lifesaver.

Areas of high traffic especially benefit from vinyl coverings. Commercial options are not only water resistant, they are easily maintained and durable

Other Options – Vinyl Plank

There are other types of vinyl flooring Townsville homeowners and businesses can choose from.

Vinyl planks are a very popular choice. These planks resemble wood, including anything from light oak colours to deep hickory tones.

The individual planks are fitted together to look like wooden flooring. Vinyl planks are also water resistant, extremely easy to clean and very durable.

Vinyl planks are also easy to replace if damaged, by our team of installers. There is also a selection of vinyl tiles in colours and styles to imitate concrete, slate stone or ceramic tiles, whilst being softer under foot

Hybrid Flooring

This product is the latest innnovation in vinyl flooring, replacing some of the old laminate flooring.

Hybrids click together and “float” over your existing smooth and level hard flooring. Unlike most of the laminates and other types of floating floors, Hybrids are water resistant and easy to clean and come in a variety of timber colours

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