Vinyl Planks or Hardwood Flooring?

Vinyl Planks or Hardwood Flooring?

Many homes already have hardwood floors in place and you may think your only option is to cover it with carpet, however there are other options such as vinyl planks for your Townsville home.

Can Vinyl Planks be damaged?

Accidents happen. But when they do, it is easy and affordable to fix vinyl planks but more expensive to replace or re-sand and polish the hardwood floors.

Our installers can cut out the damaged plank and replace it with the spare planks left over from the initial installation.

Designs and features

With vinyl planks, you have the advantages of a wide variety of assorted designs, including styles that will closely mimic the exact look of real wood.

Hardwood floors have usually already been installed in your home so you are stuck with that particular species.


With vinyl planks you have a choice in the width and lengths of the planks that are pleasing to your eye in a great selection of colours including soft greys, whites and beiges to dark charcoals that aren’t available in hardwood floors.

You are often limited in the colour of the natural timber and the stain that can be used.


We also have great ranges of sheet vinyl and hybrid flooring to choose from for your new floor. Whilst hardwood floors can cup and bow easily and be prone to termites, these are not issues with a correctly installed vinyl product.

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