What Type of Flooring Is Best for Pets and Children?

What Type of Flooring Is Best for Pets and Children?

Choosing a new type of flooring may be about the look or feel of the room, but if you have children or pets, you also have to consider their needs when you decide.

Before you make a final decision on the flooring of your Townsville home, let The Carpet Place NQ show you which is the best choice.

Tile flooring

Robust and available in a variety of different materials, tiling can be a suitable for either an ultramodern home, or a classic look.

It is extremely scratch resistant, making it ideal for active pets and kids, and is also extremely easy to clean.

Using specialist grout tools can ensure that your tiles remain clean for longer.


Available in long rolls or as cars, carpet is one of the favoured flooring materials of the 21st century.

It is ideal for children taking their first steps or calling, and it will allow your pets to get a good grip on the floor as they run.

Carpet can be cheap and easily replaced for younger children, and more luxurious and attractive when you have older kids and pets.

The Carpet Place NQ is the ideal place to start looking for your perfect carpet.

Cork flooring

If your kids and pets are still young and rough-and-tumble, then you might benefit from choosing cork floorboards.

These are amazingly durable, as well as very forgiving, so if you need something that is able to withstand the demands of very active children and pets, this is the ideal flooring for you.


Now a traditional form of domestic flooring, vinyl is the ideal material if you want something which is easy to maintain and resistant to damage.

There are so many styles, including the smoothly fitted vinyl planks from The Carpet Place NQ which resemble wood, that finding some to fit your home will be easy.

When you need water resistant materials for your kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, vinyl is an excellent choice.

Find the right flooring with us

Whether you are looking for high quality carpet, or want scratch resistant, resilient vinyl flooring for your Townsville home, The Carpet Place NQ can show you designs that will suit you perfectly.

Whenever you need new floors, you can ask us about our latest designs and materials using our online enquiry form, or you can call the team directly on 07-4775-2522 now.

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